Energy Purchasing

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Key Features:

  • Analyze previous energy usage define to load shape
  • Determine products to meet your company needs and maximize short and long-term cost-saving opportunities
  • Manage simultaneous negotiations
  • Provide unbiased approach in comparison of energy bids
  • After contract execution, EGH follows up their initial service with ongoing account management, industry alerts, and market updates

Is your hotel in a Deregulated Market?

Renewable and Sustainable Power

EcoGreenHotel offers renewable and sustainable power products to new and existing customers through energy efficiency programs, renewable energy credits, and LEED certification. While energy efficiency is commonly the first step to initiating a green program, renewable energy credits and LEED certification allow your company to make environmental claims about the purchase of your electricity.


  • Renewable energy credits are the forms of electricity that are generated from renewable resources such aswind, solar, hydro and biomass. One renewable energy credit is equivalent to one megawatt hour of electricity generation
  • RECs carry environmental and economic benefits – offsetting carbon emissions created by generation of electricity using fossil fuels
  • RECs support the economies of areas where renewable generation occurs

In today’s market, increased awareness of renewable energy programs has lead consumers to support hotels who are actively seeking to reduce their carbon footprint. Acquiring RECs and obtaining certification is an ideal way for your hotel to add value to its brand. For more information please contact an EGH consultant today.